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New Construction Loans

Leave the financing to the lender that knows the drill – If you’re considering building a home, you’ll have lots of decisions to make, from floorplans to finishes. But how you will finance it doesn’t have to be so complicated – you can get the house you’ve always imagined with a One-Time Close construction loan, which allows you to save time and money.

With this option, you can combine an interim construction loan with a permanent mortgage loan into one simple transaction. This type of construction-to-permanent home loan means you only have to fill-out one application and complete a single closing.

Program benefits:

  • You pay only one set of closing costs
  • Pay as little as 5% down* for primary residences
  • Payments during construction are based on interest – not loan amount
  • You take title to the property right away and so you can begin building equity immediately if values improve

Not every lender offers One-Time Close, so choose an organization that understands home-building finance and can help you solve for what happens during the construction phase, before that 30-year mortgage kicks in.

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*Additional restrictions may apply. Contact your Jet HomeLoans loan officer for more details.