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Let Me Help You Land Your Dream Home

I love working with people who never imagined they would be able to own a home and helping them realize their homeownership goals. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to change the lives of my customers for the better—It’s genuinely one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

“As a Team Loan Originator on Keith Johnson’s team, Emily has developed into an incredible and experienced loan professional. She’s detail-oriented and extremely motivated, always going above and beyond to support her fellow loan originators. I’m truly proud of her tremendous growth as a member of the Jet HomeLoans crew,” says Diana Tarzia.

I have been working in the financial sector for over a decade, and genuinely enjoy working with borrowers and helping them land their perfect home.

Joseph Clouston, Production Manager at Jet HomeLoans says, “Emily is so amazing at her job because she’s able to listen to a client, make them feel comfortable and zero in on exactly what they need. She analyzes every piece of a customer’s home buying puzzle and sees the bigger picture, giving them the confidence to reach their homeownership dreams.”